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Track, Analysis and Optimise

There are four key phases in ensuring a successful campaign. They are

  • 1 Monitor - Using the tools to listen to the conversations on Social Media – Google Alert, Twitter, FB notifications, and Social Mention.  These need to be looked at every day and any interaction replied to using the Tone and Guidelines agreed.

  • 2 Measure – Using analytics from each channel monitor the reach of each post, look at the demographics of the viewer to see it’s the target audience.

  • 3 Manage - Revisit content.  A/B testing of pics, content and hashtags. Try different posting times.

  • 4 Maximise -Boost the unicorn; every now and then one post gets great teach and catches people’s attention.  This is the post to boost.  A spend of €10 can make the post reach a far greater audience and increase the engagement.

Social Mention Log

It is very important to know what your customers are saying about you. Today with 1 in 10 people checking their phone on average 160 times they expect you be listening, particularly if they have a complaint.  A post in 2014 advises that 30.72% of tweets containing company names don’t include their Twitter handle.  All social channels should be monitored at least 6 times a day.  This is time consuming but to ensure prompt responses companies can set up Social Mention Monitoring using Google Alerts and check this regularly.  

There have been several websites that customers can voice their opinion - Facebook reviews, Google Reviews, Tripadvisor, Yelp, Menuepages and many more.  Monitoring these must be part of the strategy and need to be reviewed and posts responded to every day.   Part of the strategy should be to encourage customers to review.  This can be done by notices on the tables and competitions. 

Google Analytics

The target of most Social Media Campaigns is to get customers onto the website ... and Sell   Sell  Sell. GA can be used to see what traffic is coming to the website, who they are and what they do when they get there.  This tool is essential when evaluating the success of a campaign.

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