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Key Activities

A key part of the service is establishing which channels are best suited to the business i.e. Hobarts Cafe in Ranelagh reach, engagement and customers hang out on Twitter, The Paper Shop, a bespoke wedding invitation business - their customers are on Facebook and Instagram .

  • Provide Social Media services and training for SME’s along with Website evaluation and advice to increase brand or product awareness

  • Design a digital strategy for SME business

  • Content Creation

  • Train team on how to enhance your customer's experience using Social Media

  • Manage PPC campaigns

  • Monitor Social Mentions

  • Ghost Twitter services

  • Event Live tweeting

  • Design templates

  • Conceptual Brand Development

  • Create Infographics – static and motion.


Value Proposition


Competitive advantage lies in the power of our Principal. With 5+ years of experience Tweeting have established a presence on Twitter.  Having worked on a wide range of accounts, where different tone must be used - fun loving Café has very different tone and language to a Lawyer or Politician.

  • Knowledge of Hashtags and how to use one to gain reach is a skill.

  • Skilled at spotting and jumping on trending Hashtags.


Key values

  • Design and Brand Development Expertise

  • Streamline Social Media Marketing

  • Brand recognition and Credibility

  • Strategic Brand Positioning

  • Aesthetic Appeal


With the over 35 years experience of several sectors, Working in both the Corporate, Not for Profit and Service industries I have good insights into how business engages with customers.  I specialize in helping SMEs get a Social Media presence; Several of my customers are small businesses and restaurants.

Client list include

  • Hobarts Café

  • French Paradox

  • Cooks Academy

Many SME’s do not have in-house skills to use Digital Marketing effectively.  I evaluate current reach, review what the competition is doing and design a strategy that will get the brand trending and above the fold in search results.

Key Values

  • Reliability and Trust

  • Co-creation

  • Referral - WOW/eWOW

  • Ongoing Consulting

  • Brand continuity – sustainable design

  • Source of innovation and creativity.

  • Ongoing consultation

Rock Digital Social Media - Services
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