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Is Twitter beneficial to Business?

As part of Masters Research program in IADT I am looking at Twitter in Irish Business.

SMEs in Ireland have a high adoption of Social Media to promote their product, engage with customers and to provide customer service. Current research by IEDR (IEDR dot ie Digital Health Index Q1 2017) provides valuable insights into the growth of social media marketing in Ireland, however the study effectively illustrates that small and medium enterprises (SMEs) appear not to be willing to use Electronic Word of Mouth - eWOM to build relationships with their customers. In comparison the IEDR research in 2015 found that 63% of Irish SMEs have a website presence relating to their business but 91% cannot process sales online and more importantly 51% don’t have the ability to interact directly with customers through social media or web chat (ONuallain, 2015). Research by Geho (Patrick R Geho, 2010) readily acknowledges that 54% of Twitter users are female and these are now purchasing online rather than in traditional Brick and Mortar shops. The results of iReache’s study in Ireland suggests that 81pc of Irish adults are shopping online; Women are more likely to go down the online route and the younger demographic are the most likely to purchase online.(Hunt, 2017)

Twitter: A resource for SMEs in Ireland – An Exploratory Study - This proposed research will primarily be a Qualitative survey of SME’s; will also contain Quantitative questions primarily for clarity; The Study will be followed by an interview of 3 respondents where more detail will be discovered by a short interview. The initial survey requests information from small businesses that both use and do not use Social Media channels, particularly Twitter as part of their Marketing Strategy. This research is looking to establish

  • If Irish SMEs are maximising the opportunity of Social Media, particularly Twitter. Metric

  • Is it a part of their Marketing Strategy?

  • What do they use it for – Customer Services, Sales, eWOW?

  • Do they analyse the data from Twitter interactions and relate it to sales or website traffic.

If you would like to complete the survey chick HERE

#irishbiz #SMES #Dublin #entrepreneur #ecommerce

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