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Valentine's Day Hashtags - Top Hashtags and Keywords to use.

Using relevent topical hashtags and keywords is a simple way to expand your reach, and join the relevant conversations as they happen on Social Media. To help you create impactful posts I collected the top keywords and hashtags to help your business have a #HappyValentinesDay.
Valentines Day Hashtags

While event hashtags like #valentinesday or #Valentines are predictable - #candyheartrejects may start trending over the few days around the 14th of February. It it very important to use hashtags for Post inspiration, and keep an eye on the trends section on Twitter to identify new hashtags that are being talked about.

Understanding what keywords people are using around Valentines Day will help you think of Social Post topics and craft relevant content to promote your products or services. You need to be in their Search Results when they go looking for Gifts or inspiration.

On the 30th of January are showing 108 unique tweets per hour using the hashtag #Valentines, this is 2 weeks before the event but shows how many people are using the hashtag. Popular topics people are Tweeting about around Valentines: love, chocolate, singles, date night, flowers, romance, bouquets, roses, date night, gift ideas. Targeting words and phrases people recently used or searched for allows you to reach them when your business is most relevant. For example, a flower delivery company could reach people looking for Valentine's gifts by targeting keywords and phrases such as "flower delivery," "what to give my Valentine," or "gifts for my girlfriend." While it's important to incorporate popular topics into your content strategy, focus on creating content that’s relevant to your target audience and authentic to your business. If you're looking to increase your reach even further, try featuring your top-performing posts in an Ads campaign with keyword targeting. This will help your business to connect to the moment and reach new audiences.

Valentines Day Hashtags

You may be tempting to add a lot of hashtags to your Social Media posts, Twitter recommend using no more than three hashtags per Tweet, Facebook two or three is good and Instagram can be up to 10 ..... but I suggest 5 or 6 relevent ones.

Some suggestions for you are -

#valentinesday2019,#bemine,#candyhearts, #galentinesday, #hugsandkisses, #secretadmirer, #SinglesDay, #sweetheart, #thatslove, #valentines, #whoneedsavalentine, #willyoubemyvalentine #valentinesdaygift #BeMyValentine #happyvalentinesday #valentinesdaytreats #valentinesdaydate #valentinesdaydinner #chocolate #flowers #love #hearts #feb14th #antivalentines #4ever #theone #smoochies #datenight #Crazy4You #SoulMates #XOXO #BeMine #GotABabysitter #valentinesgift #valentine #valentinecollection #valentinesclothing #girlfriend #boyfriend #floral #rosebouquet

Not every one is 'Loved-Up' on Valentine's Day, some put a brave face on all their Social Posts, some are happy to be single, some just hate Valentines Day. Your products might be just what they are looking for SO make sure you are found in their search. Here are some passive-aggressive #antivalentines hashtags and quotes from Twitter last year:

Instagram Hashtags

At all times you need to keep in mind that your brand or business is unique. So, when you do post to Instagram, you need to combine these general Valentine’s Day Hashtags with other hashtags that are related to your business and will help you reach the right audience so they can convert. You need to think of Instagram as a mini search engine just like Google. You post on Instagram so you can be found by your audience in order to convert them. Hashtags are to Instagram what keywords are to Google. Hashtags are your Instagram SEO so use them correctly.

If you are a local business or brand, you should always be using geo-targeted location hashtags on your Instagram posts. This is especially so on Valentine’s Day. Why? Because if you only use generic Valentine’s Day hashtags like #ValentinesDay you can’t ascertain that you’re being found by your local audience. Make sure you use location tags like #Dublin, #Ranelagh.

Dont forget your images ..... they say a 1000 words!

#Valentines #Hashtags

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