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MOOC Training Courses available now for FREE

- A great FREE opportunity ..... MOZ have released all their Academy training courses for free until the 31st May. All you have to do is Sign up for a Community account then Browse the course list HERE When you select a course use the promo "wegotthis" to sign up.

#WeGotThis #COVID19 #Moz

- 190 universities just launched 600 free online courses that are being delivered by Coursera. There is a wide range of Topics From Technical, to Management to Marketing. They are free but if you want the qualification there is a small charge, the one I chose is $44 for the Certification. The full list is HERE

- In an effort to keep my self occupied and to keep current at the same time I have taken the opportunity of doing one of the Free Courses offered - Influencer Marketing Strategy - its very interesting, easy to follow and so far I am passing the assignments.

Have a look ... they are FREE!! The Course Link is HERE

Let me know if you take a course and how you get on!

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