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Update on Web Traffic

Search has changed. Travel is suspended for the foreseeable future so people are not searching for that next trip to the sun. Posts on Instagram are down 77% with people not posting their fashion or selfie pics. With people self isolating and working from home all our normal patterns have changed. If your products were found in search at 830 am before this could now be at 12.00. Knowing when to post is now very important. Have a read of this Blog by Wordstream on when to post ... or Join the Party as they say! Click HERE

You need to adjust your advertising spend also when you post your Social Media Posts to make sure they are found when people are searching. Wolfgang Digital have released some very interesting information on the current trends. Have a read -

April 13th - The Weekly Online Economy Report from Wolfgang Digital

We've analysed over 43 million website sessions and over €150 million euro in online revenue over the past 10  weeks (Mon-Sun), to compile a weekly report covering the previous week's movements in the online economy during the Covid19 crisis.  The first four weeks fell in February and were before the Covid19 crisis took hold. The next 6 weeks are from March into April when the crisis started to escalate. When we say 'last week' we are referring to Monday 6th - Sunday 12th of April. Here are last weeks figures.


April 2 saw a 58% increase in traffic on pre covid levels for online retailers. This is trending upwards.

Online revenues were up 200% , treble their pre-covid levels. This is trending upwards again. The majority of retailers who temporarily halted online orders for supply side reasons the previous week are operational again. 

2020 is preparing to host “the summer of the garden party”. Last week saw pint glasses, sun loungers and trampolines flying off the shelves in advance of the sunny long weekend. It is expected restrictions on small gatherings will be among the first to be eased while restrictions on bars, restaurants and events among the last. This paints a picture of the nation enjoying vibrant “at home social activity” this spring and summer. We expect spend to follow consumers into their homes and gardens.

While home and garden hardware products are seeing dramatic increases in demand, it is important to note online stallworth fashion is not experiencing growth. Clothes and footwear categories are holding steady on pre-covid crisis levels with the exceptions of activewear and leisurewear which are growing.


Last week’s traffic was down 76% on pre-covid levels. This continues to trend downwards.

Last week’s online revenue was trending down by 97% of the February weekly average. This is now holding steady.

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